In the Dolomites, in the midst of unspoilt nature and an indescribably calming silence, you will find the White Deer San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge. It is a very hidden, charming hunting chalet from the 16th century. Selected natural materials and luxurious details enhance the value of this very natural, rustic luxury lodge. Stefano and Giorgia place an incredibly high value on the privacy of their guests. The prevailing authentic tranquillity doubles the effectiveness of a SilberQuarzit Experience. Kornelia knows the hosts personally. The demand for the highest excellence and the above-average attention to detail have united them for a decade.


Cascioni Eco Retreat is situated in the countryside overlooking the bay of Cannigione and the crystal-clear waters of Costa Smeralda. It’s a dazzling view, full of sun and vivid colours. Behind our Retreat lies  Gallura: a quiet landscape of beauty and tradition, of granite, olive and cork trees, and traditional country houses. Cascioni Eco Retreat lies on a secluded estate with its own nature reserve. Within its gardens and porches it’s a cool and tranquil place to come back to after a day on the beach. From here its easy to explore it’s ancient history, crafts, and cusine.


The Blue Deer San Lorenzo Sea Lodge is a catamaran luxury yacht 23 metres long. In the summer months she is in the waters of the Mediterranean and in the winter in the Caribbean. The crew is at your disposal for every imaginable wish and will make your stay on board unforgettable. Also the SilberQuarzit Experience will be unforgettable, expescially for people who need the primordial element of water for any kind of transformation. Enjoying the sunset over the sea, after an Experience that deeply touches your own soul. Relaxing on deck on the comfortable loungers brings you in a completly state of deep relaxation and happiness. You get new strength and more energy for the right desicions in your life.


The Holy Deer San Lorenzo Lodge in Rome describes a perfect symbiosis of the sacred and the profane. It offers you a luxurious opportunity to immerse yourself in the richness of Roman history and experience the feeling of being part of something great. Through a SilberQuarzit Experience in the historic heart of Rome, you have the opportunity to relive your personal history.  This combination can help you to change your way of thinking, free your mind from the past and gain new strength.