Silberquarzit Concierge

Born and raised in the mountains of Kitzbühel.
I am a mediator, turner, nature and herbal expert, designer of paradisiacal landscapes, geomancer. Visionary.

My long stays with primitive peoples around the world gave me deep insights into alternative ways of living to preserve health, healthy habitats and a future worth living.

Healing is embracing what one fears most.Healing is the opening of what was hidden, the softening of what was hardened into a blockage.Healing consists in trusting life. 

Preferred booking unit: 4 h
Bookable days: Tuesday, Wednesday
Bookable within a radius of 100 kilometres from Kitzbühel.
Also available outside of Kitzbühel for a surcharge to be agreed.
Languages: German, English, a little Italian and Spanish

Founder of SilberQuarzit Experience

“It is time to understand your own soul plan.”

For more than two decades, my focus has been on holistic help for people with inner stress and anxiety.Various trainings and above all years of research and perfection in practice make up the effect of the SilberQuarzit applications.

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My aim is to take away the fear that blocks people on all levels.

This can only be done by leading them into a state of complete trust. Only then can healing take place in the energetic sense. This means that old mental and emotional injuries heal and the body fills with new strength. For this I use traditional remedies and ancient supernatural knowledge. I then combine this with modern coaching techniques to help people become inwardly free in a holistic way.

Preferred booking unit: according to the needs of the individual
Bookable days: by arrangement
Bookable within a radius of: 100 kilometres from Stein im Pfitschtal
Gladly worldwide for a surcharge to be agreed upon.

Languages: German, Italian, English