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Everyone tells you about healing meditation and how it works, but you find it extremely difficult to reach such a state?
You are already a yoga and meditation expert and are looking for experiences that will bring you into a completely detached state faster and more efficiently?
You have already experienced all kinds of wellness treatments but you still haven’t found a ritual that convinced you completely?


The very best moments are the ones that cannot be told because they are so deep and personal. Body reactions during a SilberQuarzit Experience can be to perceive electrical impulses or a tingling in arms and legs. Twitching of muscle, goose bumps , inner shivers or intense feelings like joy or happiness can be other reactions. It is important to know all this reactions can in no way be induced on demand or according to plan. The origins is your subconscious.


Kornelia realized early on that she owns a special energy and that she has a deep approach to people. They usually opened up to her after a very short time and told her about their deepest desires. That’s how Kornelia’s vision of developing naturopathic rituals and power elements as highly efficient means for helping people was born.


Your biochemical processes during the experience are highly individual, cannot be controlled and cannot be generalized, neither for other individuals nor for next treatment. Every reaction of your body frees you from energetic congestions and blockages. This effects are very desirable because they are the base to understand better how to liberate the body from inner stress.


Each SilberQuarzit Experience is unique and inimitable. From an empirical and scientific perspective, the reactions are discharges of the vegetative nervous system, which express themselves through the body as soon as it is deeply relaxed, depending on your state of mind during the day and on what you have experienced so far. It works for most acute themes as well as for minor themes, which people often are not aware of. For this reason every ritual pushes you further.


Kornelia is considered as an expert developer of a unique treatment based on a manual technique to activate your parasympathetic  system very rapidly and efficiently. The impact of this technique is considerably deep, given that she combines her knowledge of the human body with naturopathic raw elements of purest quality. The association with the energetic laws of the 7 seals of Paracelsus which are specific areas of the human body brings the SilberQuarzit Experience on the top of rituals, that really work.


The SilberQuarzit Experience is able to activate your “inner alchemist”, your self-healing powers, and helps you to regain more energy, charisma and performance. After the ritual, Kornelia will explain to you which technique and tools you can use to create your own personal healing ritual at home. Make a habit of it, because there is no better source of power than the one that has become part of your everyday life.

The SilberQuarzit® method developed by Mrs Schwitzer is a complex procedure with salutogenetic significance. The majority of the specifically applied procedures in each case correspond to the holistic view of health and illness on a system-theoretical basis.
The subjective statements available so far about the efficiency of the applications show the satisfaction of the users and can be brought into line with an activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Univ.Prof.Dr.W.Marktl, president of the International Academy for Holistic Medicine of Vienna

I need a lot of energy for my sport, so this kind of application is ideal for me. The combination of incense, oil, stone and music has a very relaxing effect on me and I can perceive my body well through it.

Roland Fischnaller
multiple snowboard world champion and 5-time Olypmia Champion

I can say that this ritual has enormous potential to quickly restore our being to itself while providing a sense of recovery from fatigue and stress. I can highly recommend it and will repeat it many times.

Dr Colomba Romeo
Medical Surgeon
Expert in complementary medicine

It’s nothing I’ve ever had before, it’s “not a typical treatment” at all. It is doing “something different” to your energy and I felt like I was in a different place. It’s a place you want to go and stay again and again, far away from all the hustle and bustle of life. So, it is something very, very special.

Dr. Richard Elkins

It was unique! I would never have thought it possible that the “here and now” could disappear all at once and that I could fall into such a state of relaxation in a short time. My subconscious and my body reacted strongly and the statements of the silver quartzite expert after the treatment reflected my current situation, my current life and thinking exactly and very precisely how it was.
I can only say that it is a new enthusiasm and every time intense reactions and inner forces are evoked by these treatments.

Patrick Staudacher, Coach Italian National Ski Team and ex World Champion Super-G

The treatment helped me to show my inner soft sides without shame and to cleanse negative emotions from my body and mind.
During the SilberQuarzit Experience I felt safe and protected, as if held by two soft clouds.

Sofia Hinteregger, yoga teacher and junior manager of Naturhotel Lüsnerhof, winner of the Green Concept Spa Award 2021

My Promise


Regardless of where you are at the moment – I can help you regain more energy, radiance and performance. For this, it is important that you listen to your body’s reactions. This is the basis for your deep transformation.












A SilberQuarzit ritual stimulates your mental and emotional intelligence, helps you to “let go”, relieving physical, psychological, and emotional loads from your past.


Intense feelings like joy or happiness or a really deep state of inner calm, freedom and peace are also reactions to the SilberQuarzit Experience.

Signature Ritual


Kornelia Schwitzer personally offers unique, tailor-made rituals for the most discerning people in search of deep soul experiences.

If you would like to know more about this extraordinary and incomparable experience, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

More details about the Signature Ritual can be found here.